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over 1 year ago

See you at the hackathon tomorrow!

Hi all! Thank you for signing up for Season 1 of our hackathon! 

We are counting down to the hackathon. Our team has been busy with preparing with fringe prizes, sorting out mentors and preparing materials for you guys to have a fun and smooth hackathon. 


Our registration will start at 9am tomorrow. See you there!

Team matchmaking will happen at 11.15am and 3pm. 

If you are arriving on 15 June, there will a whiteboard and bowl of teams looking for team mates. You could also connect with people via our slack group. Fri workshop lineup will be Chainstack (smart contract toolkit) technical demo at 5.30pm. And smart contract workshop at 7.30pm.  

Mentors will be around at 11am. We will have a list of schedule of mentors timing up tomorrow. Dedicated mentors timing are: 

14 Jun, Fri: 2pm-4pm. 7pm-9pm
15 Jun, Sat: 11am - 1pm. 4pm-6pm. 

Otherwise they will be roaming from time to time. Do catch them. We are also having some fringe prizes during the hackathon, so come early to know the full scope of the hackathon.

Some people have asked about teams. 

Yes, you can form new teams any time during the hackathon. 

Yes, you can pivot your ideas anytime. 

Yes, you may come on 15 June and find a team. In fact, we foresee quite a number of people coming in on 15 June. 

Code freeze at 10am. See you there!  

NBC team